Not Just Another Launch: How I’m Ensuring Siembra Academy Makes a Real Impact.

Dear Cultivators,

Writing this post is not easy. As I stand just days away from launching Siembra Academy’s YouTube channel and the Siembra Sessions podcast, I am reminded daily of the importance of having a strong, secure foundation. Many of you remember the challenges we faced (and still facing) with the relaunch of after a severe hacking incident that damaged years of our cherished archives. Coupled with post-pandemic realities, these experiences have highlighted the vulnerability of our digital spaces and the significant impact such events can have on our community, my brand, and the legacy I’ve been building since 1997.

With this in mind, I am taking a deliberate pause to apply my Audit, Align, & Amplify framework, ensuring that we do not repeat past mistakes and that our new initiatives truly resonate with and empower our community:

  • Auditing where I believe my energy and the work it inspires will make the most impact.
  • Aligning our efforts more closely with the core needs and expectations of our community, ensuring that every step we take is in sync with our shared vision.
  • Amplifying the strengths of our collective voice, ensuring that our new platform is robust, secure, and vibrant.

This pause is a strategic step to ensure that the launch of our YouTube channel and podcast is not only successful but also sustainable and impactful. We are building this platform in a way that showcases the effectiveness of our framework and protects the legacy and future of our community.

Moreover, this approach aligns with my growing belief that we must dismantle the pervasive ‘hustle culture.’ By prioritizing thoughtful planning and execution, I am not only safeguarding my mental health but also cultivating a more sustainable way of working that respects my well-being and longevity.

Years ago, when I was part of the leadership at T-Mobile, I learned the importance of casting the shadow of a leader—ensuring that when I share my actions, they reveal the substantial, real results of what I am teaching.

While I will be reducing my usual social activity, I am not going silent. I will continue to share important updates and remain committed to my current coaching clients as I launch of Siembra Academy. Part of the reason for the pause is to make space to discuss content collaborations as I begin traveling throughout the US, Mexico, The Caribbean, Central & South America.

If you want to connect click here.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. I look forward to welcoming you to our new digital home, where together, we will continue to nurture and empower our growth through our voices and stories.

As I am,

George Torres, your friendly neighborhood Jibaro.

PS. Sofrito Media Group will continue to be the umbrella under which Daily Sofrito, Siembra Academy, and other properties we own will operate.