Mi Gente…

Daily Sofrito invites you to become part of our cultural revolution once again. As we begin to rebuild some of the archives that have blessed these pages over the last 26 years…we once again open the doors to hear your voz!

This platform is a reality because of people like you who contribute and help us grow. We are looking for articles, columns, short stories, music, written and spoken word poetry, video as well as all kinds of artwork to document the evolution of our culture in the United States.

If you are interested in submitting your work for publication please submit by sending your submission via email at Submissions@SofritoMediaGroup.com

We have been contacting past contributors to update previous content posted on our website so that we can validate the relevance to the author and their current projects.

If you were previously published by us…do not hesitate to reach out as you continue to be welcome en nuestra casa.

Concerned about copyright infringmement?

Read the article “10 Myths of Copyright”


  1. My dear friend, you are welcome to use any post from Babushka’s Baile that you like. BB2U

  2. I just have a question Is thee a right of passage ceremony practiced by Puerto Ricans for Young men? I would love to see a n article on this subject thank you

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