Leadership Inc. – Making a Difference in the Waterbury Community

I wanted to introduce you to Leadership Inc. (formerly known as the Family Leadership Center). They’re all about empowering communities and making a real impact in Waterbury & Meridien ,CT areas.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked on community initiatives and have been following closely all the initiatives that Atneciv Rodriguez has been sharing on her socials. Events like their Financial Workshops where they teach both parents and children the foundational aspects of budgeting, saving. debt & investment really caight my eye so I needed to show them some love.

Here’s a few things you should know about Leadership Inc:

Their Mission: The Leadership Inc. is on a mission to tackle urban challenges and boost the quality of life through empowerment and leadership. They’re all about making things better.

Their Vision: They want to create a community where everyone feels like family and where diversity, equity, inclusivity, justice, accessibility, and belonging are at the core. In simple terms, they want everyone to feel included and valued.

What They Value: They’ve got some key values: empowerment (helping families take control of their future), sustainability (using family strengths to plan and grow), engagement (getting people involved), collaboration (working together), and DEIAJB (fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion).

Their Impact: These folks are making a real impact. They’re deeply connected to their local communities and partner with various groups to create a brighter future for everyone. They’ve got a track record of success and are all about positive change.

Donate and Get Involved: They’re not just about talk; they’re about action. You can help by donating, and every dollar counts. Connect with them on social media and join them in their efforts to make a difference.

The Bottom Line: The Leadership Inc. is a force for good, and they’re all about working together to overcome challenges. They’ve evolved from the Family Leadership Center to become even more effective in their mission. So, if you’re into making the world a better place, these are the folks to watch and support!

Learn more and meet the leadership…. click here to visit https://familyleadershipcenter.com/