IG Live: Meet @DeffNotAnt, A Video Creator That Explores Black & Latino History.

I am going to be honest… I am pregaming for a new podcast, and while I am building out the framework for a new season of Siembra Sessions, I figured I would play on Instagram Live and introduce you to some bad ass creators I am enjoying… and some of them I have never met.

And that brings me to last night’s IG Live…

I decided to start the year talking to Antonio Millian, @DeffNotAnt about his passionate journey on social media telling stories about Black & Latino history. Click below for the entire Instagram Live.

Get to know him with me.

I would also like to congratulate Antonio as he announced on the broadcast that he was launching his new merch line today at LSNToday.com. I will admit, I already copped the sweatshirt that says “Ban Bigots Not Books”.

Can we please all run over to the website and show him some LOVE? Peep this design right here…

Buen Provecho… your friendly neighborhood Jibaro.