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NEW YORK, April 9, 2008 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Three new original productions that place the world and dreams of young Latinos at the center were announced today by MTV Tr3s . Beginning April 14, MTV Tr3s viewers will find out what it’s like to make dinner for a Latino superstar on “Rock Dinner,” the moves some viewers will risk for something that really matters to them in “Bust a Ritmo,” and how to get a video produced by MTV in “Dame un Break.”

Based on feedback from the MTV Tr3s Cooltura Panel, a group of 100 trendsetting young Latinos who provide input and feedback to the channel on programming strategy and content, MTV Tr3s has discovered that its viewers want to see themselves reflected in programming, discover new sounds and artists they can’t find anywhere else, and insist on interactivity and engagement as part of their music experience. They also seek an intimate and less traditional approach to music programming.

Our viewers have spoken and we’re listening and acting

“At MTV Tr3s, everything we do puts our young Latino consumer at the front and center, and they’ve told us that Latin music defines them. The sounds, lyrics and artists are the soul of their culture, a source of pride, a unifying force and a form of expression that differentiates them from other youth segments. For this reason, music is at the core of MTV Tr3s,” explained Lucia Ballas-Traynor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the channel.

“Our viewers have spoken and we’re listening and acting,” added Lily Neumeyer, Vice President of Programming and Production, MTV Tr3s. “Young Latinos expect MTV Tr3s to give them unique and deep connections to the artists they love, and that is what a series like ‘Rock Dinner’ is all about.” In “Rock Dinner”, which premieres on April 14 at 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM EDT and features Baby Bash, Awkid, AB Quintanilla, Pitbull, Kat de Luna and Enrique Iglesias, fans get to cook dinner for their favorite artists and then sit down to enjoy a private concert by them. With only five hours (and a limited budget) to prepare the meal and tidy up the house, the excited fan has to stay cool while trying to impress their superstar dinner guest.

What some viewers will do to make a dream come true will be seen in “Bust a Ritmo,” which premieres on June 16. Hosted by PeeWee, the road-tested veteran of two successful groups, Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz (with whom he charted hits such as “Sabes a Chocolate,” “Dulce Niña,” “Chiquilla,” and “Speedy Gonzalez”) the series focuses on dance as a motivator in helping young Latinos accomplish a goal. In each episode, a young person is faced with an ultimate test. They have one day to learn a complicated dance routine and then use his/her newfound skill to make a dream come true… surprising a girlfriend with a marriage proposal or telling their overprotective Latina mom that they are moving out of the house!

“Being the host of my own show has allowed me to explore new sides of me I didn’t know I had… and to be silly… and to just have fun!” said PeeWee.

In addition to the star power MTV Tr3s is able to give its viewers, the discovery of new talent has been a pillar of the MTV Tr3s music strategy since the network launched. “Dame un Break” takes music discovery to a whole new level by not only inviting viewers to discover new sounds, but also giving them a chance to be discovered themselves. The multiplatform project that launches on May 12 gives Latino youth a chance to showcase their talent by entering a contest to win a chance of a lifetime: their very own music video produced by MTV Tr3s, and to get an album or EP released. To enter the contest, bands will to uplink their song to the Dame un Break website , create their own artist profile and invite the world to vote for them.

“Dame un Break will give the wealth of undiscovered U.S. Latino talent the opportunity they’ve only been able to dream about… until now. I am excited to see and hear some of tomorrow’s Latino stars,” said Jesus Lara, Senior Vice President of Music and Talent, MTV Tr3s and MTV/VH1 Latin America.

MTV Tr3s is the most widely distributed TV network dedicated to superserving today’s bicultural Latino youth and is currently seen in 6.2 million Hispanic TV households and 31.9 million total TV households. Music programming is at the core of MTV Tr3s, and the channel features hitmakers, emerging artists and new sounds that resonate with young U.S. Latinos and celebrate their hybrid identity and culture.

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