Exclusive details of the Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Divorce!

No not really…but damned if this headline did not get your attention. I will go on the record as saying that I hope that this is really just a rumor. They make such a beautiful couple and the twins are precious…but the traffic stats on that headline will most likely break records on any story we ever had on this site…

why? porque a ustedes les gusta el Bonchinche…yeah you like gossip. 

That reminds me of something funny my Grandmother always said…

"A mi no me gusta el bonchinche…pero me entretiene"
"I do not like gossip…but its entertaining

For those of you who are Sofrito readers… you should know better…this is not that kind of site…So now that I have your attention…let me tell you where you can get it!

This weeks Tesoro On The Web, www.Hissip.com is jumping into the celebrity gossip game, giving major players like Perez Hilton a major run for their money (at least with stories of Latino interest).

Now we all know what our parents do when they want there latest celebrity dish on the novela stars and singers…they tune in to Univision and watch shows like Escandalo TV and El Gordo y La Flaca. The options for the English speaking Latinos are scarce unless whatever they did is juicy enough to outdo Angelina Jolie's newest adoption or Lindsey Lohan's latest party night. That is until now… Thanks to Twitter, I made friends with ( @Hissip ) and saw that she has created a website where Latinos can get the latest "bonchinche" specifically about the the Latinos that reflect them in the media.

With the increase of start up blogs and the advances in New Media, stories are breaking faster and circulating in a viral fashion, a website like Hissip is necessary for the English speaking Latino that wants to keep up with these types of stories without visiting a half of dozen American gossip sites. In some cases you may find out that one of your favorite stars is actually Latino…I like the site because it shows us how powerful "Latino" hollywood is becoming, of course I always rather here positive stories rather than just the break ups and the latest sex tape…I think Hissip has a good balance.

Buen Provecho,

As I am,
George Torres
The UrbanJibaro

"The one Latino that will never make a headline on Hissip.com…I am too underground"


Here is an excerpt of the "Hissip Story"

"Before Hissip, there were a few Latino-themed blogs out there, but
one bored, twenty-something chica thought she could do it differently.
So, she sat down and wondered what the perfect name for a blog could
be. After a toying with a few Spanish names who were already registered
anyway, she raked her brains and came up with Hissip.com.

Hissip is like morning coffee for some, pastelitos for others. 
From Adriana Lima to Zulay Henao…We've got all the Latino famosos."

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Here is Q&A with Hissip founder…

HISSIP is one of the most popular gossip sites about Hispanic
celebrities. It’s based in Miami, the capital of the Latino community.

Q: I am writing an article about a Latino or a Latina celebrity. Can you provide me with a quote?

A. Certainly. Just send us an email at hissiper[at]gmail.com and we’ll be glad to.

Q. What does Hissip stand for?

A. Yes, in case you were wondering, Hissip is a merging of Hispanic + Gossip= Hissip.

Q: I know you say that Hissip is a combination of Hispanic + Gossip, but which ’s’ did you use?

A: (sigh) We used one ’s’ from Hispanic and one ’s’ from the word
gossip. We thought it only fair to equally distribute the ’s’s.

Q: Don’t Hispanic celebrities have enough problems? Why would anyone want to set up a website just to gossip about them?

A: Got plenty of love here for Latino celebrities, but should that
stop us from circulating chismes or depriving faithful Hissip readers?
Come now, comadres and compadres. If you’ve never gossipped in your
whole life, be the first one to throw the stone. Just don’t let it hit
you. We don’t provide first aid here.


Think it’s not worth throwing your dollars on Hispanic consumers?
Well, you’re pure idiota. Email me your name and the company you work
for and I will certainly email the person you report to, about the big
dummy it has on its payroll. Don’t report to anyone? Let me know who
your VC is. There goes your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Hissip Team

Christopher: (a.k.a hissip) A tech aficionado, he had a laptop when he was 10. Chris takes care of the technical stuff.

Marila: (a.k.a. admin) Her favorite telenovela is Marisol with Erika Buenfil. This chica doesn’t play that with her arroz and pollo.

Oh, and a little about her…"The Hissiper…"

Education: I’m a college graduate…120 credits in all. So now, I’m
not some immature little wrench who has a lot of time on her hands.

My Dream…

E! is having its Hottest Hispanics countdowns or VH1 has its “Best
Week Ever”, and I’m one of the pundits who says something really,
really clever ( I script my own stuff, of course). Betsy Rott and
Michael Hirschorn, hope you’re reading this! Or have some little lackey
that is.

Favorite Telenovelas of all Time

La Mujer en El Espejo (2004), and Rencor Apasionado (originally ran in 1998, but saw it in 2006)


Clothes, clothes…and more clothes…shoes, especially boots. I did say clothes, no?

I like to rock Jonathan Martin, Juicy Couture, xoxo, dollhouse, En
Focus Studio, Stores of Choice: Rainbow, Forever 21, Ross, Burlington
Coat Factory.

In high school I was…

…the girl who spent all her time in the library…surfing the Internet.

Haven’t been able to rock, but would like to: something by Elie Tahari…love to watch celebs rock his clothes on the red carpet.

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