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As usual, as a website we do not take any political stance on anything, but as a progressive Latino website, we would not be doing our job if we did not make mention of this powerful movement that is relevant in many of your lives (on both sides of the fence so to speak). I share this new community called that will allow you to voice your opinion on issues relevant to the Latino community.

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Shout to my boy @Nezua for sharing this project with us.


May 1st, thousands of us will take to the streets to demand an end to
immigration policies that marginalize and dehumanize millions of our
people. Our presence will be historic and important, but we must not
stop there. Latinos have long been a driving force behind the economy
of the United States, but we have yet to speak with a unified political
voice that forces our government to do right by all of us. We can—and
starting today, with your help, we will.

That’s why we’re launching
Our goal is to create a broad-based online community of Latinos and our
allies strong enough to make the United States honor its promises and
protect our people. We’re starting with immigration, but we won’t stop
there—we’ll provide you with ongoing opportunities to make change on
the issues that most affect our communities.

The only thing we need now is you. Our power is in our voices and
our numbers. It starts by affirming a simple pledge: to stand up and
speak out for the interests of Latino communities. Please join us, and
just as important, invite your friends and family to do the same:

President Obama has pledged to push for immigration reform, and
other politicians are also with us. For the first time in a generation,
we have a real chance to drastically change our country’s immigration
policy, impacting the lives of millions of friends, family members, and
coworkers. But we can’t rely on politicians to pass real and just
reforms. There are strong forces who stand against us, and they’ve made
it clear that they will fight true reform at every step of the way.

We know that real change will only happen if everyday people speak
with a strong, unified voice. That’s what seeks to make
possible. On immigration and beyond, we’ll use the Internet and
national media to hold our leaders accountable, making our political
presence accurately reflect our importance to this country. Click here to stand up and be counted, and show the world how large our movement really is:

Thank you,
The team

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