Your Story Matters: Sharing and Healing from Childhood Trauma

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In our hectic lives, it’s so important to take a moment to think about how our past, especially any tough times we faced as kids, shapes who we are today. Back in 2021, the ACE Resource Network introduced something really special called This initiative is all about helping people all over the country who’ve gone through difficult childhood experiences. And now, they’ve kicked off a new bilingual campaign called Together in Healing. It’s all about offering more help and resources, but with a big emphasis on looking out for each other in our healing journeys.

The Significance of Childhood Trauma:

Childhood isn’t always a time of carefree joy. For many, stressful situations or trauma can have lasting effects. Before age 18, most of us experience ACEs, which include abuse, neglect, or living in a household with other challenges, like divorce, mental illness, or problematic substance use. Many of us also grow up facing other adversities, like poverty, racism, or bullying. The impact of these experiences can extend far into adulthood, influencing our health, behavior, and life opportunities.

Why It Matters:

Seeking to understand the lasting effects of early adversity is one step we can take towards healing. When we experience intense, ongoing stress as a child, without the support we need to help us process it, our developing brains and bodies – including our genes – can be altered by what’s known as toxic stress.

Research shows that adults who experienced more ACEs and other childhood adversity are at a greater risk for health issues, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Understanding the science, knowing your risk, and seeking help can change the trajectory of our lives – and the lives of our kids. To learn more about ACEs and toxic stress, visit

I have been an advocate for Mental Health, especially for men for close to 20 years. I have hosted teen groups, mens groups, podcasts, panel conversations and healing sessions in partnership with other advocates and orgs. I have spoken publicly about my personal weight journey, my battle with diabetes and the adverse effects of hustle culture in the entrepreneurial community. I am currently developing a new project centered around normalizing mental health conversations for men.

Why am I so very passionate about this? As I type this, I find myself on the other side of a fence it took me almost 20 years to jump over. This is POWER in each of our stories, so this is why I am sharing this post… and why I am asking you to join me for the live conversation tonight on Instagram.

Resources and Support:

Remember, it’s always the right time to reach out for a helping hand on your journey to healing. Everyone’s path is their own – unique and deeply personal – but a little bit of support can make all the difference. That’s where steps in. They offer a treasure trove of insights, resources, and activities to give you that extra boost of strength as you tackle the challenge of breaking old cycles and blazing new trails. And if you happen to be in Sacramento County, California, they’ve got a local guide packed with resources just for you.

Join the Community:

If you find you could use some support and healing from childhood trauma, visit the Together in Healing landing page at or en español. There you can access a variety of information and resources curated to help you navigate with hope.

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