It’s ok to take a pause…

I woke up this morning feeling sad.

Because I take my promises seriously.

I did not deliver my newsletter yesterday but I needed to pause.

This week was tough for more reasons I care to share but this week my body needed a break and it forced me to do so. So I am pushing myself to write these words because I feel like someone else needs to hear this.

It’s ok to take a pause.

from family

from your kids

from work & your volunteerism

from whatever your “hustle” is.

I am not going to share the content I had this week because I don’t have the energy to give it the attention it needs when you start responding.

The reason I am saying this is because I want you to honor the space you are in.

Before I go…

the only thing I will remind you is that whether it be mail-in, absentee ballot, or in person, please show up and vote.

I will be back… maybe on Sunday, maybe before.

See you when I see you,

As I am,

George Torres


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