Sunday Sofrito – September 6th, 2009 (este es para la comunidad)

After months of tireless efforts from the American Diabetes Association's Por Tu Familia committee led by Helene Velazquez, we are finally 6 short days away from our "Feria De Salud" (9/12/2009) that will be held in the Bronx but there is still work to do. I am asking you…my reader to help us get the word out about this event. WE NEED YOU TO MAKE IT A SUCCESS.

What is La Feria De Salud?

Feria de Salud is an outdoor community event that
is intended to reach thousands of local Latinos/Hispanics with the
important message that they may be at risk for diabetes. Feria captures
the festive elements of a street fair, but maintains the important
aspects of choosing and managing a healthier lifestyle for the entire
Latino family. The atmosphere of Feria includes music, dancing,
nutritional information, cooking demonstrations, speakers on topics
related to diabetes, and a variety of product and service booths.

This year we will have special appearances by Lisa Mateo, Son Boricua, Tony Touch (my favorite DJ) and Dance on 2.

We need your support…via
volunteers, sponsorship and just spreading the word about this event. I
am specifically looking for Latino organizations to link up and become
a community partner in this initiative. 

Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their cousins and let's all have a great celebration that promotes healthy living in our community. Are you a blogger? Please repost!!!

So many of you have asked how you can help us on

Sept 12th for La Feria De Salud…and this is my response.

are needed to make this event a success…

please sign up or invite
someone who you know would jump at the opportunity to help raise
awareness that disease that has affected us so much. Here is the link, I will personally be there with my family and some friends.

Volunteer For Feria!

If you are not in the NYC area but want to get involved with the American Diabetes Association and Por Tu Familia, visit for Por Tu Familia's website.


request your free copy of our Latin Flavor in the Kitchen Recipe
Sampler and to receive a free guide on type 2 diabetes (request ADA
Channel number 2), call 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383). Bilingual
representatives are available to take your call.

Questions??? Call The Sofrito Hotline.


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