How Do You Say Success in Spanglish?

I’d like to introduce Raul Lopez, host of the Success In Spanglish podcast.

Raul is a person whose background is as inspiring as it is challenging. Born to immigrant parents from Lima, Peru, and raised in the gritty surroundings of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Raul has a deep understanding of the trials and tribulations that mark the journey to success. His story, though unique in its details, resonates with the themes of resilience, hard work, and the transformative power of education. From a young age, Raul faced daunting challenges, such as translating for his ailing grandmother during critical conversations with EMTs, navigating the pressures of academic performance, nearly failing out of college, and the relentless pursuit of career growth. Through it all, Raul has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles and achieving his goals.

The path to success isn’t paved for people of color. Join him as he sits down with individuals who share their stories as we learn how to say Success in Spanglish.

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Intro Song: Regaeton Pop – Denbow Ambiance

Did I mention he dropped an episode with me just today?