Carnaval En Familia: Celebrating 10 Years of Connection, Culture, and Community

Latina Moms Connect congratulates, honors, and celebrates and is honoring me with their Fundador Award. (Thank You).

For 10 years, Latina Moms Connect (LMC) has proudly served as a bridge between culture and Latino/Latinx families and communities. In honor of this decade of work, we are excited to announce our upcoming Gala event, Carnaval En Familia: Celebrating 10 Years of Connection, Culture, and Community.

The evening will transport you to a tropical, cultural celebration like no other, featuring live entertainment, a Latino/Latinx culinary experience, and a silent auction. We invite you to join us as a sponsor or to celebrate LMC’s work and support its continued growth and work with Latino/Latinx families.

We are excited to announce, that for our inaugural Gala, LMC will be honoring the unwavering support, dedication, and contribution of those who have been instrumental in shaping our organization into the thriving entity it is today.

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Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Latina Moms Connect creates spaces for moms, families, and communities that celebrate our culture and elevate our Latino/Latinx experiences. We hope that every Latino/Latinx family and child has a strong sense of pride in their cultural identity and that they promote the traditions that shape and advance our diverse community. We do this through social networking, facilitated discussions, and group event and activities such as:

·       Bochinche Brunch

·       Temas y Tapas

·       Charla Entre Chicas

·       Parranda Navideña …with a Twist

·       Sofrito Sunday, and more

LMC’s facilitated discussions are intimate, intentionally inclusive spaces we create for moms and families to connect and share our experiences in either being Latino/Latinx or raising Latino/Latinx children and more. Led by our Founder, a trained facilitator, and Comadres, we discuss various topics that are either culturally relevant and/or supportive to our parenting and life journeys. Our facilitated discussion area is a source of connection, learning, and support for moms as they navigate the intersection of culture and parenting.

LMC also hosts large events or activities that are family-friendly and enjoyed by moms, dads, abuelos, tios, and tias where we celebrate cultural traditions such as Parrandas, Noche de Velitas, parade marching events, Dia De Los Muertos events, and more.

The work and mission of LMC is to nurture cultural identity which has lasting impacts. When a person identifies with their culture, they embrace traditions and values and it links them to their heritage. This helps them identify with others who have the same traditions and basic beliefs, which benefit them in the following ways:

·       High Self Esteem

·       Improved Social well-being

·       Improved Coping Skills

·       Builds Confidence

·       Mitigates or Lessens the effect of discrimination

These spaces are critical and the benefits of connection and community have long been studied, and proven. Social connectedness increased longevity by 50%, an increased immune system, lower rates of anxiety and depression, and higher self-esteem and emotional skills. It helps communities thrive and supports overall well-being, health, and safety as well as opportunities for:

·       Community Bonding

·       Learning Opportunities

·       Cultural Preservation

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