Calling All Storytellers: Unleash Your “Creatividad” in Our Vibrant Kitchen.

Hola Familia, passionate creators and cultural cultivators!


If you’re someone who lives and breathes storytelling, has an insatiable hunger for sharing, and a sprinkle of creativity that sets your soul ablaze, then I’m inviting you to step right into my kitchen—the vibrant heart of Sofrito For Your Soul as we rebuild this platform.

For over 26 years, I’ve been sharing our “flava” in the digital landscape, proudly celebrating the richness of our Latino heritage, and igniting captivating conversations about our culture. I am going to keep it real, I don’t want to do it alone. I crave the incredible diversity and vibrant perspectives that only you can bring to the mix! I am talking all of our countries and blended cultures here… but shared thru your personal lens.

Whether you have the gift of the written word, possess a poetic soul that weaves magic with language, rock those culinary skills that leave taste buds dancing, or hold the visionary lens of an artist, I extend a a heartfelt invitation for you to join my community of cultivators.

Share your one-of-a-kind recipes that tantalize the senses, whisk us away with spellbinding book reviews, paint vivid portraits of Latino life through your poetry, or curate mesmerizing virtual art exhibits that transport us to new realms of inspiration.

My creative kitchen is wide open to your imaginative concoctions. Perhaps you have movie reviews that whisk us away on a journey into the heart of Latino storytelling. Maybe you craft thought-provoking essays that delve into the vibrant tapestry of our experiences. Or perhaps you have ingenious video concepts that capture the very essence of our culture, leaving us spellbound.

But let me be clear: I’m not simply looking for contributors. No, I seek to build on this community who embraces the power of positivity and possess an unwavering desire to uplift our people. I want to promote your initiatives, passions and small businesses.

So, if you’re bubbling with ideas, overflowing with talent, and ready to infuse the Sofrito For Your Soul experience with your unique flavor, don’t hesitate to reach out today! It does not matter if you’re an established creator or an emerging talent, my kitchen door swings wide open to welcome you with open arms, but be sure to close the door behind you (lol).

Come join me in my creative kitchen, where cultures intertwine, stories are born, and connections are forged. Drop me a line at and let the enchanting magic of collaboration begin.

Together, let’s celebrate creativity, honor our roots and leave our kids a lasting legacy.

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This is the update I have for now. Stay connected, as I will be working tirelessly to relaunch the platform.

Pardon the dust in the meantime.

With unwavering dedication… your favorite neighborhood Jibaro,

George Torres

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My name is George Torres... I am a digital storyteller, serial entrepreneur and community builder who is very passionate about Latino Culture and how we show up in the media and marketing spaces. I created the original "Sofrito For Your Soul" website in the dorm of SUNY Old Westbury in 1997 on the Geocities platform. Unfortunately, a series of malicious hacking events led to the site going offline. I created Daily Sofrito as the new reimagined place to amplify new generations of writers, poets, musicians, filmakers and other original content creators. Let's work on 25 more years of legacy...