Breaking Barriers: How Fempreneur Poder Hub is Changing the Game for Women Entrepreneurs

As we get back to our roots here at Daily Sofrito, we put out a call for submissions for a community resource directory that I want to build here on this website. One of the first submissions was the Fempreneur Poder Hub, so I want to take this moment to introduce you to Arianna Jenkins & Jennifer Franco and what they are building.

Buen Provecho.

– George Torres

In their own words…

Our Mission

Our mission is to dismantle obstacles, transcend boundaries, and inspire women of color to bring their fempreneurial visions to life by providing educational resources, tools, and networking opportunities.

Fempreneur Poder Hub was founded in 2023 by two women of color who are mothers, entrepreneurs, and above all friends. In the vibrant landscape of American enterprise, the National Women’s Business Council’s 2022 Annual Report shines a spotlight on the trailblazing impact of women entrepreneurs, with a remarkable 1.2 million employee-based businesses flying under the banner of female ownership—accounting for a striking 20.9% of this business sector. Yet, amidst this celebration, a sobering disparity emerges for women of color. It’s against this backdrop that the Fempreneur Poder Hub emerges, born from the real-life challenges its founders have navigated. This initiative is poised to unlock new doors for up-and-coming and established women entrepreneurs alike. With a suite of membership opportunities on the horizon, the hub is dedicated to weaving a strong fabric of professional networks and providing invaluable educational resources.

Ignite Change for Black and Brown Entrepreneurs

In a world of dreams and ambition, your donation becomes a catalyst for change. It fuels our programs, supports our resource hub, and fosters a community where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to thrive. Here is the link to donate.

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About The Founders

VP, Ariana Jenkins, BGS

A proud alumnus of the University of Kansas, Ariana graduated in 2018 with a BGS in African
& African American Studies, complemented by a minor in Social Justice. As a co-founder of the
Fempreneur Poder Hub I bring a robust academic background that has fortified my conviction in
data-driven, collaborative decision-making. I am characterized by my meticulous attention to
detail and exceptional interpersonal skills. This allows me to navigate seamlessly across all
levels of personnel. Central to my professional philosophy is a commitment to ensuring that
everyone I work with has the resources and affirmation they need to succeed. My dedication
extends beyond mere tasks and reflects deeply in fostering team cohesiveness and championing
individual empowerment.

President, Jennifer Franco, M.A.

Jennifer, a devoted Northside Chicagoan. With over five years in the academic sector, brings a
wealth of experience from various educational roles. Jennifer proudly holds an M.A. in Women
& Gender Studies from Loyola and a B.A. in Political Science from NEIU. She’s currently
furthering her academic journey, pursuing a PhD in Higher Education at Loyola University
Chicago. Jennifer’s lived experiences, stemming from her Guatemalan heritage and upbringing in
a single-mother household, have cemented her as a staunch advocate for education and the
eradication of racial and ethnic achievement disparities. Her involvement as a Somatic Reading
Circle Volunteer further demonstrates her commitment to practices centered on healing, trauma,
and social justice. Her aim is to be a beacon of change and progression. Professionally, Jennifer’s
bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English, combined with her expertise in post-secondary
education and institutional engagement, sets her apart. Throughout the years, she has fervently
advocated against oppressive hierarchical systems, showcasing her skills in leadership,
organizational development, fundraising, and both academic and board leadership. Jennifer
hopes to innovate, engage, and provide equitable opportunities underpinned by data-driven
insights, ensuring everyone achieves their fullest potential.

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